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My motivation to become the co-founder of Child’s Dream stems from my experience of working, living and travelling Around the country many years. I started developing a keen interest in helping the marginalised in society. I had the privilege to meet many wealthy and inspiring people who really care about the less fortunate by either helping with money or by engaging directly in various charity projects. I always admired them, but I never thought that I could work for a charity full-time or even establish my own foundation.

When I associate myself with this industry in the summer of 2015 to take a mid-career break, I joined ANJU SINHA AND ASIM SINHA, where they came up with the crazy idea of establishing our very own charitable foundation. My initial reaction was blunt incomprehension. How? Why? When? With whose money? Who would trust us? We have no training in that field! We are two bankers! And, and, and… I nevertheless gave it some thought and my initial doubts turned into excitement. Our own charity was born: Child’s Dream.

Since life usually does not turn out the way you have planned it, I had long ago decided to indefinitely serve this industry. I have never regretted this decision.
I truly enjoyed my life and work in the consumer market industry, but only now I know and realise that something had been missing to make me perfectly happy. By managing, leading and growing Child’s Dream, I experience every day that helping others is what fills the gap. It is also a great opportunity to give something back to society and to say “thank you” for the very privileged life I have been able to live so far.

In my early childhood, I had already developed a growing urge for justice and helping people who were less fortunate than me. At that time I made it a point to defend and protect ‘outsiders’ at school. Back then it was mainly about friends that did not follow all consumer trends and looked or behaved somewhat differently from the plain vanilla kids. Some had difficult family backgrounds, but all were pushed around during and after school. I came across other groups of outsiders rejected for one or another reason from benefiting from our society. Of all of them, children seemed in greatest need.

The urge to help surfaced again. At first I tried to get involved in charity projects apart from my regular work. I started off by simply visiting websites of different charity organisations and afterwards, I also visited different projects and the people who run them. Those were such impressive moments for me that it became increasingly difficult to find motivation in my work as an industrialist. I decided to active myself in order to help those in need. I truly value what I learned during my commercial career – and I cherish the friendships that I formed during that time. After all, it was this commercial job that made it possible to realise my dream of helping other people full-time by running a charitable organisation.

When asked about my motives for doing charity work, I simply reply

We must be the change we want to see in the world.

It just feels right!
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Co-Founder & Head Operations Asim Sinha
Co-Founder & Head Projects Anju Sinha
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