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Low-cost, high-quality solutions to improve The quality of education in India.

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A Mission To Help, People Achieve,Personal Health & Healthy life.

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Child centred community development we are committed to our vision for a happy, healthy and creative childhood for every child.

We focus on education because it is proven to be one of the most important factors for sustained social and economic development.


NGOs are coming up with some of the best low-cost, high-quality solutions to improve the quality of education in India. While these NGOs are experts in the education space, many lack the organizational management support they require to have maximum impact. Some NGOs may need to design a long-term strategic plan, while others may require new human resources processes. They also need a venue to collaborate with other organizations working in education.

These are powerful examples of how NGOs are working to improve education in India. With their discipline and vision, coupled with the backing of generous donors, NGOs have the ability to change the course of education in our country.


kkdf Mission

The mission to improve the quality of education in India and ensure that all children not only attend but also thrive in school is being accomplished by working in collaboration with the government, local communities, parents, teachers,...

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kkdf Vision

To empower marginalised communities in the Mekong Sub-Region to shape their own futures. We achieve this by working with communities to improve healthcare and education for children and provide socioeconomic opportunities for families...

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kkdf values and approach

Every child in India grows up healthy and receives an education in order to lead a self-determined life and to become a productive and responsible member of society. We believe that the key to sustainable development is to carefully listen...

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